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3 Ways to Stay Balanced this Winter with Ayurveda


Self-care is more vital to maintaining health and wellness now than ever. It’s our very own set of survival skills. Like any set of skills or tools, our self-care routines require fine-tuning to work to their full potential. That’s where we can tap into the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda. Ayurveda is the world’s oldest system of […]

Be the Energy You Want to Attract

Journey Within

Kelly Pearson is not only an amazing mom and attorney but also a Yogi. Kelly started her yoga journey during the YIY 30 Day Healthy You Challenge. Kelly’s humor and dedication made her stand out throughout the challenge, and she completed it with pride as a healthy, well-balanced Yogi. New to yoga, she took her […]

Could Yoga Teacher Training be the Missing Piece of Your Journey?


Maybe you started practicing yoga reluctantly, thinking it was just going to give you a good stretch, but found that it did so much more. Perhaps you dove in head first to as many types of classes as possible and found yourself on a new journey. Either way, we venture to assume that by now, […]

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