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A Self-Care Tune Up


When life comes at us hard, it’s easy to start sacrificing our own needs for the sake of getting it all done—and we may not even realize it. Looming deadline for school or work? No time for dinner. Too many errands to run? No time to get on the mat or get in a workout. […]

The Best Project You’ll Ever Work On Is You


Christina practiced at Your Inner Yogi when we were operating out of the Circuitous Succession art gallery. When we had the honor of opening the new studio, she didn’t hesitant to sign up for our regular scheduled classes and invest her time and effort to… Guess Who? Herself.  Christina’s LOYALTY and COMMITMENT to her practice […]

Living your Yoga off the Mat: Taking Action after Disasters


Update: This post was written prior to Hurricane Maria devastating Puerto Rico. For ways to practice karma yoga and make a difference to those recovering in Puerto Rico, check out this this PBS article. September is National Yoga Month. There are many ways to honor your practice this month and you don’t have to go […]

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