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Kindness and Connection for Int’l Day of Yoga


This week not only marks the official first day of summer – it also marks International Day of Yoga! It’s no coincidence that the United Nations chose June 21st to celebrate this ancient practice. When addressing the U.N. General Assembly in 2014 and making the case for the observance, Indian Prime Minster Narendra Modi said […]

The Start of an Inspiring Yogi’s Journey

Journey Within

An inspiring yogi, living yoga on and off the mat. Vivian’s yoga journey started March 4th, our grand opening day. Vivian has blossomed, making new friends and glued to her mat, holding the highest student’s attendance. Each week Vivian practices at least three times a week in the studio and/or at home. We’re so proud […]

Creating Space in your “Baggage”


If you ever paused to try to count the number of times you’ve been invited to “leave your baggage [or worries] at the door” before entering a yoga studio, you’d likely run out of fingers and toes. There’s nothing fundamentally wrong with this idea; we do need a break from panning through our to-do lists […]

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