Poetry In Motion w/Renee Watkins

  • 17:30pm - 20:00pm
  • 26-August-2017

"When the arts collide and the margins are erased, the only thing that remain is an intimate visceral convergence of yoga and poetry." ATP

Poetry in Motion Live is what happens when poetry and yoga collide. To me, poetry is what yoga sounds like; yoga is what poetry looks like. - Renee

In this workshop we will explore the relationship between our physical and creative practices. So come join us for a stimulating yoga sequence led by Renee Watkins that will get your creative mind going and then settle on your mat for a writing exercise led by Urban Thoughts. At the end of the workshop creatives will have the opportunity to bring their poems to life through a short flow.

What to bring? Yoga mat, Drinking water, any props

(the studio will have a limited supply of materials but bring your own just to be safe) Writing tablets and pens/pencils will be provide   Price: Early Bird Special $15.00 Regular Admission: $20.00 Reserve Your Space
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