Self-Care Sunday

  • 16:00pm - 18:00pm
  • 15-October-2017
  • Your Inner Yogi

Self-care isn’t just a trend or an excuse to indulge in your favorite pick-me-up. It’s a survival skill to keep you grounded and balanced despite all of the things in life that may be competing for your energy.

Join Kandace Stewart and Caroline Miles for Your Inner Yogi’s first Self-Care Sunday on October 15th from 4-6pm. This workshop will explore a variety of accessible self-care practices, from meditation, to journaling and more. Ele & Ivy Tea Co. will offer tastings of their favorite seasonal teas and tips to build tea drinking into your self-care routine. Sweetfire Candles will teach you how to find the perfect candle to balance and brighten your mood. And of course, Kandace and Caroline will guide you through a grounding yoga flow that you can practice at home or wherever you find yourself in need of a tune-up (to the tune of our favorite self-care soundtrack, Solange’s "A Seat at the Table"). 

Registration is required! Cost is $25. To celebrate the first anniversary of A Seat at the Table’s release, anyone who registers by Sept. 30th will receive a free class pass! REGISTER TODAY!
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