Self-Care Sunday

  • 16:00pm - 18:00pm
  • 10-December-2017
  • Your Inner Yogi

“Self Care Sunday” is back on December 10th from 4-6pm.

In this season’s installment, Caroline and Kandace will give you some special tools to survive the holidays. Using Ayurveda, yoga’s sister science, they will give you suggestions to tailor your self care practices during the Winter months so that the demands of life and loved ones don’t stretch you too thin. Your instructors will guide you through an energizing yoga practice, followed by meditation, journaling and exploration of Ayurveda-based self care (including body brushing, oil pulling, and more). You’ll also learn how to use essential oils to balance your mood and promote wellness, guided by Nicole Moore from Essentially Well Nicole.

Taking care of yourself allows you to be a better provider to those around you. The cost of the 2 hour session is $25. We ask that you register in advance REGISTER TODAY!

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