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Bridget Sisney
Yoga Teacher

Bridget Sisney

  • POSITION: Yoga Teacher
  • EXPERIENCE: 10 years + in Practice & Teaching
  • EMAIL:
  • BIOGRAPHY: "Aspiring to Inspire." This motto has been Bridget's driving force for more than 7 years as she has used education, Ayurvedic yoga, and holistic wellness to align her many passions to serve the world. As a life-long lover of dance, Bridget naturally saw yoga as an art form that allowed her to use movement to express herself. With a Biology background, Bridget immediately fell in love with Ayurveda, seeing it as the perfect integration of her passion for life on a molecular level. As a proud educator in the public school system, Bridget was able to share her love with elementary and middle school students as a Science and Yoga Wellness teacher. She has expanded her impact in education by joining staff at Teach for America-Memphis, where she currently coaches and manages STEM teachers promoting wellness in both the lives of her teachers and their students. Bridget's classes are creatively woven together incorporating strength and flexibility, with an intentional awareness on the breath to provide all practitioners with maximum benefits for their lives. She intentionally crafts classes to meet the multi-dimensional needs of the body, spirit, and nature. Bridget's services are dedicated to empowering and equipping children, women, and their communities with the necessary tools to live holistically well lives. Yoga, Education, Ayurveda, and Love are the resources in which she uses to inspire.

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