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Caroline Miles
Communications Manager

Caroline Miles

  • POSITION: Yoga Teacher & Communications Manager
  • EXPERIENCE: 9 Years in Practice & Teaching
  • EMAIL:
  • BIOGRAPHY: Caroline wandered aimlessly into a yoga studio in 2008 while finishing her undergraduate studies in New Orleans. It wasn’t her first time on her mat (she’d been to one yoga class at age twelve), but it was certainly a new experience. She wasn’t sure if she liked it at first – paying attention to her breath wasn’t something she did at all, much less for ninety minute stints while moving and sweating. But she felt something new that she couldn’t put her finger on, so she decided to go back and explore it. Each time on her mat Caroline began to discover that the “feeling” she was experiencing was freedom. She fell in love with yoga for teaching her how to set intentions while letting go of expectations, and how to consciously use her breath to build a calm and strong body and mind. Caroline is now a resident of Memphis and completed 200-hour teacher training through Life Power Yoga, an Ashtanga Vinyasa based program. Caroline currently teaches Ashtanga Vinyasa short-form and Vinyasa. She enjoys using curated music playlists to create a “soundtrack” for each class that encourages students to let go and flow to the beat of their own breath.
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