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Stephine Congo
Yoga Teacher

Stephine Congo

  • POSITION: Yoga Teacher
  • EXPERIENCE: 15+ in Practice & Teaching
  • EMAIL:
  • BIOGRAPHY: Stephanie grew up on the coast of Maine and graduated from the University of Maine with a Bachelors of Science in Civil and Environmental Engineering, German Minor in 2002. In college she began her Yoga studies as a physical practice to be stronger. The classes were a safe haven for her, a place to go to forget her worries, stress and ease the tension in her body. She soon realized it helped to alleviate the anxiety, panic and depression which had hounded her since childhood. She was hooked. Over time, she learned to listen to her body as she tried many different yoga styles. She found the consistency of meeting herself on the mat was a place to be quiet and have peace, a place to care for and listen to herself. Yoga has provided a deep healing avenue for her. In 2011, she found the Jaguar Path 200 hour Vinyasa Yoga & Shamanic Teacher Training in Massachusetts. Ever since she has continued her studies with nationally recognized teachers in areas such as Yoga for Structural Alignment, Yoga for Emotional Balance, Ashtanga Yoga, YogaAlign, and Energy Medicine Yoga. People attending Stephanie's yoga classes come away saying "I feel like I just went to the holistic doctor," "I feel like a whole new person," and "You are so calming. I was able to collect my thoughts and I feel so clear." Today, Stephanie's personal yoga practice is all about caring for and listening to herself. She has experienced first hand the benefits of yoga and energy work and how they have both helped to reprogram and reframe her life in deep and positive ways. Stephanie is also a Holistic Healer in Peruvian Shamanism, Eden Energy Medicine, Integrated Positional Therapy and ThetaHealing. Her private healing sessions help everyone to sleep better, alleviate stress, shift deeply imbedded patterns, remove blocks that are holding you back, shift postural imbalances and improve health conditions, ultimately balancing one's energies to feel alive, vibrant and more like yourself.
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